• At Dragsholm Slot, we aim to operate a sustainable hotel and restaurant business, both environmentally and socially. It's a significant task that we approach humbly, with the desire to improve each day.

  • Our ambitions encompass both internal matters, such as the well-being of our employees, and external matters, which involve coexisting with nature and minimizing our impact on the Earth's resources.

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Social responsibility


The first step towards a sustainable business is a sustainable work environment. As a diverse and inclusive company, we are acutely aware that our progress in the right direction is only possible because of our dedicated and diverse staff. Therefore, it is important for us to create good and secure conditions for our employees. The castle should be a professional force for the local community and a workplace with future opportunities, which is why we prioritize competence development.

If our employees have special interests or ambitions, we are happy to support them with courses in wine, service, or other relevant areas that can contribute to their continued development.


In Harmony with Nature 

 We are blessed with unique surroundings; one of the country's oldest secular buildings, located in one of Denmark's most beautiful areas at the foot of Vejrhøj and by the shores of Lammefjorden. Such a location imposes obligations - to our guests, staff, local area, and especially to the environment and the surrounding nature.

Being situated amidst the lush landscape - by fields and sea - allows us to operate our business in harmony with nature and the changing seasons. We make a virtue out of using the ingredients that naturally grow in the area, whether it's herbs, grapevines, mushrooms, or carrots. Not only because farm-to-table with minimal transportation is the most environmentally friendly approach, but also because the ingredients are of the highest quality and contain the richest flavors.

We actively work to maintain sustainable food production in Odsherred, and that's why we are proud members of the FiO association (Food Producers in Odsherred). In addition to our personal commitment to sustainable development, we dream of actualizing the castle's status as a driving force for development in the area. Sustainable food producers are emerging, and we have a strong desire to contribute to their journey in any way we can, so that Odsherred can lead the way in this field.

Dragsholm Slot have
Dragsholm Slot Relais & Chateaux

Relais & Châteaux


After 10 years of preparation, where we worked to meet our own high standards, we were admitted to the prestigious hotel and restaurant guide Relais & Châteaux in 2018. Members, who meet the association's strict requirements, are characterized by acting according to a common set of values ​​focused on preserving and sharing the uniqueness of each hotel's area. Always with respect for each individual, the environment, and the culture and history that shape us all.

As a member of Relais & Châteaux, we support the important work of offering hospitality in harmony with nature. Learn more on the association's own website, where you can also download the current sustainability report.

We have been fortunate to inherit much through our unique, picturesque location, but the work for sustainable hotel business is ongoing. We are far from finished, but work every day to convey the castle's historical authenticity and the area's unique character - with respect for both people and nature.

Green Key-certified


The castle is now Green Key-certified, confirming our commitment to the environment. Our historic building ensures a low CO2 footprint, but we continue to work on environmentally friendly solutions. We also prioritize biodiversity and will switch to electricity from Danish windmills. The certification is part of our ongoing efforts for a sustainable future.

With the renowned Green Key certification, the castle takes another step in protecting our climate and the surrounding nature, which is essential to the guest experience at the more than 800-year-old castle.

Our historic building ensures a low CO2 footprint, but we continue to work on environmentally friendly solutions. Therefore, we prioritize biodiversity and plan to switch to electricity from Danish windmills next year. Certification is part of our ongoing efforts for a sustainable future.

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