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  • World-class history, nature and taste experiences

  • During your hotel stay in Odsherred, you can sit back and unwind in the castle’s elegant halls, salons and luxurious rooms. You can also enjoy dining at Dragsholm Slot Gourmet, the Bistro or Madhuset – or recharge your batteries in the herb garden or admire the views from the castle’s chemin de ronde.

  • Enjoy an invigorating stroll along the beach, explore the estate parkland or fortification, or hop on a bike to experience the moraine landscapes shaped by the Ice Age that surround the castle. You can also head out on an excursion by car or head north of Copenhagen along the coastal rail route to visit the many castles, museums and attractions of Northeast Zealand, most of which can be reached within little more than half an hour!

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Activities for staying guests

· Historical tours of the castle and estate grounds

· Wine tasting with the castle sommelier

· Herb walks with a nature guide

· Clay target shooting (for groups) between January and August

· Archery (for groups)

· Mountain biking (for groups)

· GPS run (for groups)

· Running trips

· Morning bathing in Sejerø Bay

· Training on our Outdoor Fitness course

Dragsholm Slot aktiviteter

A dip in the sea

With its 160 kilometres of coastline, Odsherred offers some of Denmark’s best and most scenic beaches, which are dotted along the Sejerø Bay and along the shorelines of Kattegat and the inlet of Isefjorden.
The local beaches of Sanddobberne and Vraget are located within a short distance from Dragsholm Slot. Both are sandy, very family-friendly, and dogs are allowed on a leash. The VisitOdsherred tourism website offers descriptions of all the local beaches that can be easily reached during your stay in Odsherred. The bathing water quality of the more than 30 beaches in the area is monitored daily. Safe swimming is marked with a “Kyst og Strand” flag by the beach.

Nature hiking in Odsherred

The landscape around Dragsholm Slot has been designated a UNESCO Geopark, which means that it offers natural and cultural experiences of the very highest calibre.
Within the immediate vicinity of the castle, you will find more than 300 km of hiking trails ready to be explored.


The Dragsholm, Vejrhøj, Dragsholm Route offers a nearly 10-km roundtrip that includes a highpoint that reaches 121 metres above sea level. The scenic trail offers spectacular views of the farmlands of Lammefjorden and of Sejerø Bay. The route also passes Sanddobberne Beach. On the way to Vejrhøj, you can visit the memorial site for Baron Georg Frederik Otto Zytphen-Adeler of Dragsholm Slot, who initiated the damming of Lammefjorden.


The hilltop ridge path offers a unique combination of landscape and history. The 7-km nature trail lets you journey through time, visiting Bronze Age barrows and enjoying magnificent views of Sejerø Bay and the farmlands of Lammefjorden.


The beautiful peninsula of Ordrup Næs, only 5 km from Dragsholm Slot, stretches out into the sea and invites long nature walks along the seawalls.

Dragsholm Slot aktiviteter
Nekselø, Sejerøbugten

The islets of Sejerø Bay


Dragsholm Slot is scenically situated by Sejerø Bay, where the summer sun dips into the sea next to the smallest of the islets in the bay, Nekselø, which is just over 2 km2 in size. Further out in the bay, the island of Sejerø measures just over 12 km2. Both islands can be reached by ferry from the harbour town of Havnsø and are amazing destinations for excursions.


Nekselø is a scenic and protected pearl of an island, shaped by the Ice Age and a perfect destination for a picnic and nature hike. The island can be reached in 20 minutes from Havnsø, where there is a regular ferry service to the island.


An hour by ferry from Havnsø, you reach the island of Sejerø, which, like Nekselø, consists of marginal moraine hills shaped by the glaciers of the Ice Age. The island and its hillscapes and small beaches is 12 km long and blessed with many hours of sunshine.



Odsherred abounds with prime natural produce. The castle kitchens favour produce from Lammefjorden, the local farmland reclaimed from the sea following the damming of the inlet in 1873, a project initiated by Baron Georg Frederik Zytphen-Adeler. In the heart of Lammefjorden – in Fårevejle Stationsby – you find UNESCO Geopark Odsherred’s visitors’ field, where you can explore many of the vegetables grown in the Lammefjorden area.


The vineyards of Odsherred and Røsnæs offer some of the best Danish wines with international standing. In the vicinity of the castle, you will find several award-winning wineries, including Vejrhøj Vingård, which are all well worth visiting.


Visit local vineyards to gain an impression of Danish winemaking or take a daytrip tour of wineries on the area. Start at Ørnberg Vin in Lumsås, 30 km from the castle, and return along the coast to Vejrhøj Vingård, around 1 km north of the castle, and conclude with a visit to Dyrehøj Vingård at Røsnæs, 35 km from Dragsholm Slot.

Dragsholm Slot Gourmet

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