• Nordic cuisine with personal touch


  • Not many restaurants are literally located in the middle of a vegetable field. Ours is, and that is something you can taste and experience on your plates.

  • Dragsholm Slot has three restaurants, each offering its own culinary experiences; from snacks and drinks in Madbaren to the simple and informal service at the Bistro to the unique gourmet dinner at Dragsholm Slot Gourmet.


Dragsholm Slot Gourmet

The castle’s Michelin restaurant is regularly celebrated in Denmark and abroad as one of the most innovative gourmet restaurants in the Nordic region. It was awarded its Michelin star in the Michelin Guide Nordic 2017 and has retained it ever since. Our ambition is that the castle’s kitchen will continue to belong to the Nordic gastronomic elite in the future.

The kitchen's style is defined as being nature-conscious and is based on seasonal vegetables from Lammefjorden and herbs from the castle’s herb garden, forest, fields and beach, with a sense of old-fashioned craftsmanship and historical preparation techniques.

Dragsholm Slot Bistro

The bistro is based on the same kitchen philosophy as our acclaimed gourmet restaurant. At the bistro too, it is the season’s local vegetables, as well as the many herbs from the castle’s herb garden that form the cornerstone of the kitchen's philosophy.

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Dragsholm Slot Madbar (Street food)

Our Madbar food bar is open all summer on the castle's bastion terrace. This is where we serve our green interpretations of “street food”: snacks, light dishes and drinks based on seasonal herbs and vegetables. It is open from lunch to evening in a laid-back setting with views of the Herb Garden, Sejerø Bay and Lammefjord.


Add to this the best meats, fish and shellfish we can find in the area. The kitchen style is simpler and less formal than in the gourmet restaurant.

Dragsholm Slot wine cellar

Wine plays a very special role at Dragsholm Slot. Our cellar contains a carefully curated selection of exquisite wines, which have been found visiting wine growers, wineries and through numerous wine tastings hosted by some of Denmark's best wine merchants.

Our head sommelier, Peter Fagerland, has been feted as Denmark's most talented sommelier and for the best matching of food and wine.

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