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Gatherings and occasions

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We give you memories that will stay with you for life

Hosting a party at Dragsholm Slot is an out of the ordinary experience. There is a special atmosphere, right from the moment our guests drive up the avenue. Our historic buildings provide an authentic backdrop for every conceivable event: from christenings, confirmations, silver and gold wedding anniversaries, round birthdays to corporate parties and events.

We customise events in close dialogue with the hosts, offering tours of the castle and subsequent party dinners. There is also the opportunity to start with afternoon coffee and castle cake, and of course to spend the night in the castle’s historic rooms and enjoy a lovely castle breakfast the next morning.

Castle party

  • Historic tour of the castle
  • 3-course party menu
  • Coffee with something sweet, served in the salons

Contact us for information about availability and prices.

Dragsholm Slot selskabslokale
Slotsbryllup på Dragsholm Slot

Castle Gala

  • Afternoon coffee with castle cake
    • Tour of the castle
    • 5-course party dinner
    · Coffee with something sweet, served in the salons

Contact us for information about availability and prices.

Overnight stay incl. breakfast

Each and every room hides a unique expression - a stay at the castle is therefore always a new experience. Accommodation takes place either in authentic castle rooms or in newer estate rooms with a view of the castle.

Contact us for information about availability and prices.

Hotelophold på Dragsholm Slot
Dragsholm Slot selskabslokaler Sjælland

Party Menus

See event menus 2022
Create your menu from the various events dishes.

See banqueting 2022
Includes snacks.


Contact us for more information about party menus.


We are happy to arrange a beautiful and festive fireworks display as a finishing touch to your party.

Read more about the options at

Slotsbryllup, Dragsholm Slot

Please contact us to discuss dates and availablity

Give us a call phone: 5965 3300 or by email


  • Dragsholm Slot luksushotel

    Contact us for a viewing

    Contact us to find out more about the many options for your next party at Dragsholm Slot

  • Dragsholm Slot historisk hotel

    Activities during your stay

    Dragsholm Slot offers a wealth of inspiring activities on and around the castle.

  • Dragsholm Slot slotsophold

    See the rooms

    The 41 hotel rooms of the castle are furnished with Hästens beds, bathtubs and bathrobes. Treat yourself or your guests.


  • Slotsbryllup, Dragsholm Slot


    With its own castle church, knight's hall and bridal suite, Dragsholm Castle is a coveted venue for weddings.

  • Dragsholm Slot bryllup


    Confirmations and spring go hand in hand, and the season can be experienced both inside and outside the castle.

  • Dragsholm Slot slotsbryllup

    The Castle Church.

    Dragsholm Castle is one of Denmark's oldest functioning secular buildings.

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